Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sandstone Cliffs — SOLD

This plein air painting was done today from the parking lot at La Ventana Arch, along Highway 117 in New Mexico. The region has some very interesting and varied geology. Dinosaurs once roamed the area. Nowadays, it's cows. One artist, who was painting within eyeshot, had to shoo away some bovine intruders that were getting a little too close. Most of the subject is in shadow, with just a couple small areas of sunlight illuminating the upper cliffs. The reflected light in the sandstone cliffs and the snow in shadow are what caught my interest.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Embudito Snow — SOLD

January 1 was cold in Albuquerque. The air temperature was 21 degrees when I did this painting in the Sandia Mountain foothills. However, the still air and solar heat made it tolerable. The biggest problem I encountered was trying to manipulate the brush wearing gloves. It is amazing how much your ability to move paint is compromised under such circumstances. So, I reworked the painting back in the studio to bring it to a level of respectability. This was the first time I had painted in low temperatures and I wondered if I would encounter problems with paint viscosity or other temperature-related handling problems. None occurred.