Saturday, August 20, 2011

Penasco Valley

The Penasco River is really a creek to those of us who grew up in the eastern U.S. The lushness seen in this part of the state — near Cloudcroft — is the exception to the mostly dry and barren landscape that surrounds this high country island of green. The region has been experiencing severe drought, and fires have consumed vast areas of timber around NM this summer. It was a real treat to paint in the cool, refreshing outdoors for three days in July — and a welcome change to the hotter temps of Albuquerque. Most of this painting was done on location, with a few revisions done later in the studio. I had to tone down the greens. Even though the place was extremely green, it just doesn't translate well to paint it as intense as it looks.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cooper Ranch

This 12" x 9" oil was painted during Plein Air Painters of New Mexico paintout July 30 in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. It was painted on the ranch of fellow member Punk Cooper in nearby Mayhill. I added some finishing touches back in the studio.