Tuesday, September 4, 2018

La Cueva Arroyo

Plein air piece, La Cueva Arroyo, oil, 9" x 12", painted at the end of August near the Sandia Mountains in Albuqueque. Clouds cast shadows on a varied terrain in the afternoon. Gnats are particularly abundant in this area of the foothills. They're just one of an assortment of distractions intended to torment the plein air painter. They get in the corner of your eyes, around your nose, and they buzz in your ears. Repellent works to an extent. The breeze, or wind, can, at times, also be trouble. But on a day like this, when the gnats are around, regular breezes can be your friend! Another challenge are the occasional vehicles that drive by, stirring up dust. A couple from Spain who were walking along the road, stopped to talk. They knew a few words of English, and I, even fewer words of Spanish. It's amazing how much you can manage to communicate, even with such limitations. I completed this painting in two outings. Some gnats are probably embedded in the painting surface. A true mark of authenticity!

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